Postdoc fellowships in Paris

BLADE-ANR Project : Postdoc fellowships

A post-doctoral position at Université de Paris will be available in the framework of the research project: ANR JCJC: Bords Libres et Analyse Des EDP/Free Boundary and PDE Analysis. The goal of the project is to study problems in Geometric Analysis involving some asymptotic analysis. Here is a (non exhaustive) list of the BLADE project topics: harmonic maps, minimal surfaces, Constant Mean Curvature surfaces, Willmore surfaces and the free boundary versions of these problems. We are also interested in the following topics: Yamabe equation, Einstein constrained equation, Moser-Trudinger equations, phase transitions theory (Landau-de-Gennes theory in liquid crystals, Ginzburg-Landau theory in superconductivity,...).

The team is composed of :

Paul Laurain (Paris 7), coordinator.

Romain Petrides (Paris 7), member.

Pierre-Damien Thizy (Lyon 1), member.

Xavier Lamy (Toulouse), member.

Associate members: Nicolas Marque (PhD student), Bruno Premoselli (ULB), Remy Rodiac (Orsay).

The project intends to hire one postdoc for the academic year 2020-2021 with a possibility of contract renewal for one year. We are interested in research proposals related to any of the BLADE project topics. Priority consideration will be given to applications received by January 26, 2020, for a contract starting in Fall 2020, with a research plan for two years. The research plan can involve any members of the project. The first year must be done in Paris, the second year could be done in Lyon or Toulouse.

Salary is 27K to 36K euros/year, depending on experience, this includes social security.

Feel free to e-mail for further information. To apply, fill out the following form. You will need a Google account in order to submit the files requested.  If (and only if) you do not have a Google account, please send the files by email to .  
This form will include submitting the following documents.
  • a cover letter integrating your motivations to integrate the BLADE project and your requested periods of residence at University of Paris and in Lyon or Toulouse if needed. 
  • a vita and list of publications.
  • a research program indicating your long term career objectives.
  • any other document that may support your application

Letters of reference (at most three but at least one from the thesis advisor) should be sent to the address above.


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